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Monday, August 1, 2016
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Monday, August 1, 2016
8:30AM – 4:00PM |
8:00AM – 9:00AM |

*Continental Breakfast ONLY for Pre-Conference Attendees

9:15AM – 4:30PM |
Direct Marketing: Tips and Techniques from the Experts

Not only does this program provide some basic knowledge, but it then goes beyond the basics and principals of the “whats” and the “ifs”, to explore the details and metrics of ongoing successful direct marketing programs. Utilizing plans, programs, data, and results gathered from actual client programs, you will learn the answers to questions and issues such as:

  • Testing strategy: How to test, what to look for, and when to re-test. How to ensure statistically significant tests and calculate confidence.
  • Creating a list strategy for acquisition, renewals and appeals, including detailed segmentation strategies by program.
  • Understanding the reports and information provided throughout the data hygiene and data processing process, and how that will assist future marketing efforts. Learn about list optimization and modeling opportunities, as well as best practices for efficient and effective ongoing data processing.
  • What performance metrics should you be analyzing, how to benchmark your campaigns’ performance, and how to apply your analysis to ongoing programs.
  • The checklist of building a database for current and future needs of your organization, and how to use the data to better connect with your donors.
  • What really is multi-channel marketing, and how to integrate strategy across channels with success.
  • How to create the strongest multi-channel messaging that includes a strong case for support.

Taught by industry leaders, this full day seminar will provide immediate educational benefits to the attendees, and provide actionable information which can be incorporated into current and future marketing efforts.

Whether you have been in the industry 5 years or 25 years, this seminar is for you!

Allison Porter
President, Avalon Consulting Group
Jeanette Cassano
Vice President, Belardi/Ostroy
Marvin Dawson
Vice President of Operations, MMI Direct
Kevin Moran
Principal, Integral
Karen A. Taggart
Senior Business Analyst, ROI Solutions
Anne Senft
Vice President, Avalon Consulting Group
Mark Mitchell
Vice President of Business Development, SD&A Teleservices
9:15AM – 4:30PM |
Mid-Level Giving 101

The DMANF is thrilled to offer a pre-conference workshop focused on mid-level fundraising on August 1st, 2016. This full day workshop provides a thorough understanding of the essentials of a successful mid-level program – the all-important “”What’s”” and “”How’s”” that go into setting up and executing a program. The following topics will be discussed by industry experts:

  • Offer/Messaging
  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Segmentation
  • Analytics
  • Business rules for membership
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Ongoing strategy to bridge mid-level to major giving and planned giving.

Reserve your place now!

Chad Lucier
VP, Account Services, THD
Cheryl Keedy
Creative Director, The Harrington Agency
Moira Kavanagh Crosby
President & Founder, MKDM
Dennis Lonergan
President, Eidolon Communications
Thalamus “T” Hill
Senior Vice President, RobbinsKersten Direct
Mary Ann Ault
Senior Account Director, Donor Services Group
Heather Marsh
Strategist, PS | PS Digital
12:00PM – 1:00PM |


Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 1

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 2

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


at a Glance

Monday, August 1, 2016
Day 1
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Day 2
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Schedule at a Glance
Day 1
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
8:00AM – 5:00PM |
8:00AM – 9:00AM |
Continental Breakfast
8:30AM – 9:00AM |
First Time Attendee Welcoming Session
9:00AM – 10:00AM |
Keynote Kick Off
10:15AM – 11:15AM |
Concurrent Sessions
Creative Prospecting Strategies on a Modest Budget
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Small to mid-sized nonprofits face solitary, unique challenges in building momentum and refining prospect and reactivation efforts, often due to direct marketing volume and budget constraints, and often geographic challenges as well, because of regional or local program reach.

This session will empower attendees with some of the ideas, tools and strategies that the big orgs use with the benefit of having a fundraising consultant, only without the cost of a monthly retainer and on a scale that is manageable for small to mid sized acquisition/recapture efforts.

John McArdle
Director of Development, Project Open Hand
John Westfall-Kwong
Director of Development, Lambda Legal
David Ludwigson
Chief Development Officer, God’s Love We Deliver
Kelly Leech
List Broker, Carol Enters List Company

Maximizing Your Sustainer Revenue Through Better Back End Processing
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As more organizations try to grow the number of monthly sustainers, understanding how to maximize revenue from credit cards and what the type of card used can tell you about the constituent becomes increasingly important. A small positive percentage change in the number of monthly declines through advanced credit card processing recycling techniques can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue each month for an organization. How can these strategies impact your organization’s bottom line? In this session we will discuss how organizations can benefit significantly from advances in the credit card processing industry.

Jason Robbins
VP Sales and Marketing, ROI Solutions
Susan Mulvany
Sr. Director, eCommerce Sales, Vantiv
Lauren Levine
Direct Marketing Manager, Oxfam America

Money in the Middle: How to Make the Most of Mid-Level Donors
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No matter how your organization defines a mid-level gift, whether it is $500 or $5,000, middle donors are often a charity’s most loyal supporters with the greatest potential to give more. Yet few nonprofits have a fundraising strategy for them. Learn what other nonprofits are doing to attract and engage middle donors and inspire them to give more by joining The Chronicle of Philanthropy and nonprofit experts for a session that will showcase effective ways to cultivate middle donors.

Margie Fleming Glennon
Sr. Editor, Online Education & Professional Resources, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Gretchen Mais
Director of Development & External Relations, American Farmland Trust
Anthony Escobar
Executive Director of Development and Communications, WNET
Liz Fitzgerald
Director, Special Gifts, ACLU

Online Donation Forms: Real-Time Optimization Will Destroy Your A/B Testing
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A/B testing no longer matters. Instead of testing this (A) versus that (B) version of a donation form, these organizations have found ways to leverage technology to segment and optimize their donation experience quickly and easily – with dramatic results. Learn from your peers’ experience on how to propel your online digital intelligence – and revenue – into the future.

Justin McCord
Senior Director, Digital Strategy, RobbinsKersten Direct
Jerry Padbury
Director, Annual Programs, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago


11:30AM – 12:30PM |
Concurrent Sessions
On the Edge of Glory: Using a Multi-Channel Approach to Take Your Acquisition to the Next Level
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We’re all smart people, and we’re all sold on why a multi-channel approach to marketing is so important. And, real talk. How many hours have you spent breaking down silos? Coordinating campaigns across departments? Determining the best most perfect way to talk to your donors? And then reveling in your fundraising glory? Alright, maybe that last one not so much. But you COULD be… if you go a step further and take a multi-channel approach to RECRUITING donors. If you’re just bringing supporters in through the mail, or online, we’re pretty confident you’re leaving folks (and revenue) on the table. And lucky for you, there are a few brave pioneers who are blazing the trail – and seeing big results. And hey, just in case a little reveling isn’t your thing, you’ll still walk away with some good ideas to grow your acquisition program.

Chrissy Hyre
Director of Telemarketing Strategies, CCAH
Dana Weinstein
Director, New Audience Engagement/Membership, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Andrea Bieling
Marketing Director, EMILY’s List

Who are you? Tracking Complex Constituent Relationships in your Database
build track-03

At the Museum of Modern Art, we have a number of ways that constituents may interact with the museum from membership to donations to retail purchases to education courses. Further, within these groups are wide ranges of individuals such as Individual membership to Trustees or casual shoppers to recurring major purchasers.How do we track all of this information and make sense of it? How do we have a full picture of the audience that interacts with MoMA? How do we both handle large audiences of general members while maintaining major donors? This presentation will show how the use of analytics and operations the Museum of Modern Art solves these issues.

Manish Engineer
Associate Director of Applications, MoMA

“Brother Can you Spare a Premium?” Moving Donors from a Transactional to a Philanthropic Relationship
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Are your donors waiting for the next calendar, tote bag, or note pad to arrive before they give? Do they know what you do or are they just hooked on your premiums? In this session you’ll hear from organizations who have started to move their donors from a transactional relationship – “paying” for a premium – to one in which the donors engage more with the mission of the organization. You’ll hear about the good, the bad, and the challenging as organizations are making this journey.

Tiffany Neill
Partner, Lautman Maska Neill & Co
James Weisman
President & CEO, United Spinal Association

Digital Primer: Everything Your Boss Thinks You Already Know About Digital Advertising That You’re Afraid to Admit You May Not Know
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After two decades and countless dollars spent, digital marketing is a mature science that’s easy to integrate into your marketing plan, right? Wrong! Break through the myths, hear how far we’ve come and how far we’ve got to go from a solutions provider and two practitioners.

You’ll learn about the state of the art and how to bridge silos and get results. Hear about specific successes and challenges that will help you make the most of digital opportunities.

Will Clayton
VP, Digital Products, Wiland
Liz Nielsen
VP, Digital Engagement, Feeding America
Shiloh Stark
Director, Digital Fundraising, The Nature Conservancy
12:45PM – 1:45PM |
2016 DMANF Nonprofit of the Year Award Luncheon
2:00PM – 3:00PM |
Concurrent Sessions

F2F Fundraising, Turning Quantity into Quality
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F2F fundraising is fun! All day, our fundraisers get to talk with people about how amazing our organization is and why it’s important that they join the team of awesome supporters for our cause. And behind every great canvassing campaign are the metrics and messaging to support it! In this session we will talk about some key essentials for making your F2F Fundraising a quality campaign that brings viable donors to your organization.

Jill Miller
Associate Director, Sustainer Giving, Canvassing, Save the Children
Rebecca Newman
Specialist, Business Systems Analyst, Save the Children

How to Take a Database Implementation Head-On and Make it Work
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CRM implementations often get a bad reputation in the nonprofit industry and deservedly so as we have all heard the horror stories of failed implementations, delays and cost overruns. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn from three seasoned veterans how choosing the right CRM and preparing your organization can not only make the conversion process a lot easier, but even fun. Converting to a new system gives your organization the unique opportunity to step back and re-evaluate the business processes and rules that are working and those that might be broken. Do not fear change, embrace it, and own your implementation.

Gina VanderLoop
CEO, ROI Solutions
Steve Alexander
President, Alexander Strategies
Gail Hatch
Resource Development Operations Manager, Oxfam America

Using Social Media Boosted Posts to Boost Peer-to-Peer Acquisition
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Learn how American Kidney Fund uses paid social media to acquire new D-I-Y peer-to-peer fundraisers, a new breakthrough!
KIDNEYNATION is the American Kidney Fund’s online fundraising community of kidney patients, loved ones, friends and advocates. AKF’s peer-to-peer community strategy has been highly successful at increasing engagement among key stakeholders, and driving more revenue. Learn how digital media, including boosted posts, has dramatically increased awareness, new fundraisers, greater event participation and deeper connections with the organization.

Justin McCord
Senior Director, Digital Strategy, RobbinsKersten Direct
Tracy Shaw
Senior National Director of Community Engagement, American Kidney Fund

Attribution and Strategic Planning: You Know What Is Influencing You Donors. Now What?
build track-03

You survived it! The battle to understand just what motivated that donor to make a gift online at 2am. You know what contacts they received. Now what? How do you use this information to drive future contact strategy across channels and make investment decisions? How do you set up tests to confirm your revised strategy is working? Learn how others are using attribution in their strategic planning.

Amy Ricigliano
Vice President, Client Services, Eidolon Communications
Steve Abrahamson
Director, Direct Response Marketing, National Audubon Society
Kim Perrow
Director of Donor Engagement, Heifer International
Kevin Moran
Principal, Integral, LLC


3:00PM – 3:45PM |
Power Energy Break
3:45PM – 4:45PM |
Concurrent Sessions
DMANF Presents: “Legal Jeopardy!”

Is your organization in ethical compliance…or in legal jeopardy? Join the DMA Nonprofit Federation in a fast-paced demonstration that will test your knowledge and understanding of today’s legal, postal, and ethical guidelines in fundraising. Will your organization be in the hot seat? Come play America’s favorite quiz show and find out!

Senny Boone
General Counsel, DMA & Executive Director, DMANF
Lane Brooks
COO, Food & Water Watch
Robert S. Tigner
Regulatory Counsel, DMANF
Dale Kennedy, Manager
Industry Engagement Strategy, United States Postal Service

Keeping it Fresh! How to Continue Growing as a Mature Nonprofit
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How do mature non-profits remain relevant? Yes, non-profit organizations with a long, established history enjoy some very obvious benefits … early to market, proven track record, a loyal donor file that goes back many years. But how do these same non-profits combat message fatigue, resource funding cuts, or the perception that there is no longer a ‘need’ for their services? What keeps them fresh?

In this session you will hear from Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) and DOROT and learn how they’ve continued to improve their direct response program year after year. From simple tweaks or new package and segmentation strategies, to creative uses of a variety of resources and channels, mature non-profits of all kinds can continue to grow and remain relevant. As long as they keep it fresh!

Bryan Evangelista
Vice President, Lautman Maska Neill & Company
Felecia Webb
Vice President of Development, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)
Audrey Stein
Chief Development Officer, DOROT

Truth or Consequences

With all the buzz about Facebook and Snapchat… apps and analytics… the mobile revolution … and the transformation in web and email design — how do you learn the truth about what really works online? How do you avoid the consequences of getting trapped in the jargon and squandering your precious development budget? Play this lively and fun “Game Show,” and let your “Hosts” test you and other audience members with ten proposed online fundraising ideas. Cast your vote on which ones are worthwhile in today’s fundraising environment, and then have a nonprofit leader guide you through her step-by-step real-life decision-making process in each case. Following each question, our agency experts will show a very brief case study breaking down each new technology and technique into what’s really working and what’s not.

Harry Lynch
CEO, Sanky Communications
Carla Chadwick
Director of Digital Fundraising, Covenant House
Paul Habig
President, Sanky Communications

The Donor Behind Door Number Two. Or Number Three? Insights Into Donor Personas And What Drives Different Donor Behavior
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Somewhere within the entire population of US households are our donors. We have come a long way in understanding our own donors, from demographics to long-term value to channel preferences. In this session, we will review the diverse donor behavior through a holistic lense; combining transactional, donor, and demographic data into segments that are intuitive, predictive and easy to incorporate into a marketing strategy. Join Infogroup and Epsilon as they discuss donor insights and turning those insights into action.

Liz Buderus
VP Product Management, Epsilon
Jeff Howard
Senior Statistician, Infogroup Nonprofit Solutions
Dave Strauss
Director, Global Membership, The Nature Conservancy


5:00PM – 7:00PM |
Power Networking Reception


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Day 1

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 2

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


at a Glance

Monday, August 1, 2016
Day 1
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Day 2
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Schedule at a Glance
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
8:00AM – 2:00PM |
8:00AM – 8:45AM |
Networking Continental Breakfast
9:00AM – 10:00AM |
Concurrent Sessions
Making Mobile Work for Fundraising
build track-03

As most emails, social media, and Web pages are viewed on smartphones, mobile is becoming important as part of a multi-channel acquisition program. We will highlight case studies from the Humane Society of the United States, the Bernie Sanders campaign, UNICEF UK, and other nonprofits who are using mobile to build their supporter bases and as a first channel to begin the acquisition process. “Mobile first” is becoming a reality almost everywhere. This session will provide a “top 10” how-to list for how nonprofits can take advantage of our donors’ almost 24-hour connectivity.

Nick Allen
Director, Nuevo Fundraising
Paul de Gregorio
Head of Mobile, Open
Joanne Wilson
Director of Acquisition Marketing, The Humane Society of the United States

Nurturing Donors The ‘Write’ Way – How Great Copy Drives Long-Lasting Relationships
build track-03

In every relationship, ‘words matter’. And this is especially true when communicating with your donors. In this session, we’ll share real world examples showing how you can make your fundraising communications more interesting, impactful, exciting – and profitable.

Angel Aloma
Executive Director, Food For The Poor
Tom Gaffny
Principal, Tom Gaffny Consulting

What Nonprofit Fundraisers Can Learn from Political Direct Response Fundraising
build track-03

With the 2016 election in full swing, candidate and Party fundraising is in high gear, prepared for 3 months of deadline driven emails and urgentgrams, campaign updates and get-out-the vote fundraising appeals. Now is your chance to learn from the direct marketing experts on the front lines of the Democratic Party’s fundraising efforts. This informative session will explain some of the secret sauce that makes political fundraising tick, giving solid examples of winning techniques and creative that can translate well to nonprofit fundraising.

Dave Dogan
Senior Vice President, Mal Warwick | Donordigital
Collin Ward
Marketing Director, Democratic National Committee
Tiffany Reed
Account Director, Mal Warwick | Donordigital
Kate Sienicki
Senior Account Executive and Telemarketing Director, Mal Warwick | Donordigital

Maximizing Digital Investments for Today’s Nonprofits
build track-03

Today’s non-profits want to fully understand how to maximize digital investments and communicate to their internal team and external partners the most effective strategies for sustained growth. The session will include discussion by nonprofits who are developing growth and investment strategies and aligning their teams to achieve results. This session will benefit greatly nonprofit marketing and fundraising managers and directors that are seeking to quantify and justify their digital investments to get organizational buy-in and strengthen growth strategies.

Patrick Frame
Principal, Key Acquisition Partners
Carla Chadwick
Director of Digital Fundraising, Covenant House
Kevin Moran
Principal, Integral, LLC
John Mix
Director, Digital Fundraising and Marketing, The IRC


10:15AM – 11:15AM |
Concurrent Sessions
Social Media Secrets to Success – How To Turn Engagement into Advocacy and Revenue
build track-03

It’s no secret that social media plays a huge role in engaging and activating your organization’s supporters. But how do you know if your social strategy is doing this effectively? Are you on the right channels? Should you limit your focus to a select few? What type of content is most relevant for your organization? How can you use paid social to increase reach, acquire new supporters and drive revenue and other specific actions? You’ll walk away with answers to these important questions and MANY others after this fast-paced, information-packed session.
Plus, you’ll get to hear firsthand from the March of Dimes, recognized by Forbes and Hubspot for their Facebook marketing, as they share their approach to these important questions.

Ashley Reed
Director Social Media, BKV
Leigh-Anne Lefurge
Social Media Team Lead, March of Dimes
Virginia Doty
Executive Vice President,Nonprofit Accounts, BKV
Madeline Ruffin-Thomas
Account Supervisor, BKV

But We Are Fundraisers! Strategies for Cultivating and Retaining Donors
build track-03

We all know it – the new generations of donors want proof. They want to know what you are doing with their money and they want to know their donations are making a difference. But, with the cost to raise a dollar going up every year, how do you justify spending money without asking for money? What should you take into account when creating your plan, and how do you show success? Hear from your peers how they are tackling this challenge.

Joe Gomez
Business Development Director, PS | PS Digital
Jessica Cassidy
Director, Membership and Online Giving, The New York Public Library
Elena Consalvo
Senior Director, Mass Market Fundraising, Save the Children

Fundraising Communications Cornucopia: 30 Ideas to Empower Your Fundraising
build track-03

You think you’ve tried it all, but you also can’t help feeling something is missing. Are there other things you could be doing to engage your donors through your communications? Or maybe some things you’ve forgotten about that are still true blue? Come to this session to learn about what’s working in the world of fundraising communications. An 18-year veteran fundraising communications specialist will share what REALLY works — from the most powerful words to use, to what moves your donors most, to the surprising psychological triggers that work every single time.

Kathy Swayze
CFRE, President & Creative Director, Impact Communications
Vila-Sheree Watson
Director of Marketing, The Arc

Dispelling Myths with Data & Donor File Analysis
build track-03

We’ve all heard these questions before, whether from a board member or even an executive director: “Can’t we just do this all online?” “Isn’t direct mail dead?” “Aren’t we mailing too much?” “We can’t rent our names – then someone else can steal our donors!” “I wouldn’t give to this. I don’t read four pages – or any direct mail.” Time and time again, we as direct marketers need to help those who don’t know our business learn what’s effective and what’s not, and how to use evidence-based reality to correct misperceptions about what really works in fundraising today. We’ll present real-world examples of how we’re using data to advocate for our programs one metric at a time.

Allison Porter
President & Co-Founder, Avalon Consulting Group
Laura Connors
Vice President, Membership, National Parks Conservation Association


11:30AM – 12:30PM |
Networking Luncheon
12:45PM – 1:45PM |
concurrent sessions
Mercy Ships and Alzheimer’s Association: Case Studies in Charting a Path for Organizational Growth
build track-03

Hear how two organizations, Mercy Ships and the Alzheimer’s Association, transformed their multi-channel fundraising programs to achieve unprecedented organizational growth over several years. Hear key insights into how it was accomplished, along with the dramatic adjustments made along the way required to optimize performance.

Kevin White
SVP, Media Insights & Integration, Russ Reid
Kerry Peterson
Vice President, Marketing, Mercy Ships
Chris Hubbard
VP Account Management, THD
Kim Postulart
Director of Direct Marketing, Alzheimer’s Association

Lose Your Control!
build track-03

Breakthrough creative. Everyone wants it. Few achieve it. In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn how non-profits like yours are employing creative strategies and techniques to beat control packages and improve ROI. You’ll see a variety of creative packages – showing tests of various offers, formats, copy, design, postage, timing – and more. We’ll look at the creative strategy behind the test concepts, and best of all, we’ll show you the results. Get ready for some new twists on creative fundraising…the ideas will be flying fast and furious! There are sure to be some surprises here – and some good ideas that you may be able to test in your own program.

Steve Maggio
Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer, DaVinci Direct
Ron Bell
Managing Partner and Founder, TargetMarkeTeam, Inc.
Jennifer Bobb
Acting Senior Director, Direct Mail and Digital, Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Web as a Living Laboratory: What We Learned About What Works (and What Doesn’t) From Over 350 Online Experiments
build track-03

By testing using a rigorous scientific methodology employed by Fortune 100 companies, we’ve debunked traditional best practices and uncovered breakthrough principles that produce transformational results. In this rapid-fire session, we will look at dozens of real-world online experiments and share secrets to growing your email file, improving your donation response rates, and how you can apply these principles today to your own online fundraising campaigns.

Tim Kachuriak
Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, NextAfter
Nathaniel Ward
Associate Director of Online Membership Programs, The Heritage Foundation

RFM is (mostly) Dead! Long Live Segmentation and Customization!
build track-03

RFM will only get you so far. With more data available across multiple channels, your donors and constituents have a wealth of segmentation and customization power that can be harnessed to make your program more efficient, more effective, and more engaging. Hear from MADD and its partners on how they are leveraging new “out of the box” segmentation strategies to drive performance.

Nick Ellinger
VP of Strategic Outreach, Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Greg Fox
VP Nonprofit Strategy, Merkle
John Ernst
VP, Solutions & Insights – Nonprofit, Wiland


2:00PM – 3:00PM |
concurrent sessions
Delightful Dive into the Depths of Digital Ads
build track-03

Whether you’ve dipped your toes into the new(ish) frontier of digital ads or you’ve already plunged into the deep end, there is SO MUCH to explore. Some of it is new, cool, and surprisingly not-that-hard to pull off – and the best part is, a LOT of it is totally productive. And by productive, we mean successful! And by successful, we mean lucrative! Lucky for you, we’ve been swimming these waters for a while and are ready to share all of our latest discoveries. You’ll paddle away with everything you need to run a digital advertising program in 2016. Like: Facebook lead generation, and how it works when paired with other channels; a rundown on all the new advertising platforms and vendors out there (and which of them are worth it); brand new search optimization tactics; how to get the most out of display advertising;; attribution models; testing strategies; and the ever-evolving Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms and Techniques.

Liz Ertner
Senior Vice President, M + R
Amber Wobschall
Associate Director, Digital Direct Response, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planned Giving Best Practices to Start Using Today
build track-03

Your organization’s direct response donor file is your most important source of planned giving prospects. However, it can be a challenge to get buy-in to invest in your planned giving program. Join this must-attend session for actionable intelligence from nonprofits on how to build a strong planned giving lead generation program, project future revenue potential and build your case for investing in your planned gifts strategy, and keep your donors actively giving for as long as possible and to their fullest potential.

Trish Rooks
Senior Director of Planned Giving, CARE
Chad Lucier
VP, Account Services, THD
Lynn Storey
Director, Planned Giving Marketing, Easter Seals
John Perell
Director of Direct Response and Shared Services, Smithsonian Institution

Tipping the Sacred Cows — How We can Move Onward and Upward
build track-03

How many “Sacred Cows” do you rely on in your annual program? The campaigns you have always done and would be terrified to change or even stop using. You’re not alone, we are all reluctant to give up the “sure thing” when revenue goals are at stake. And we are always pushing ourselves to develop and test new approaches and techniques which will attract and hold the attention of our donors — but some of us just never take the plunge into uncharted waters. We don’t need to abandon what works, but there are new approaches to the old way of doing things. We may not “slaughter the cow” in this session — and we don’t expect you to put it out to pasture either — but shaking things up a bit never hurt. Learn how 10 organizations “tipped the sacred cow” in their long-standing direct mail program and why they will not look back!

Suzanne Cole Nowers
CEO, Nexus Direct
Alan Thornton
Chief Executive Officer, Rescue Mission Alliance

An Open Discussion on Mid-Level Giving & Moves Management
build track-03

Over 300 people attended a session at the DC conference that lasted 3 hours to talk through the findings of the first ever Mid-Level Giving Summit. After the feedback and request for more discussion, six organizations with successful mid-level giving programs will come together to have an expanded discussion with you, the audience. These organizations represent membership and non-membership as well as named “clubs” and unnamed programs.

This unique format is focused on direct discussion with the audience versus a presentation. Detailed program and organization information will be shared in hardcopy at the beginning of the session to facilitate the discussion. Under the umbrella of Moves Management the discussion will include targeting, segmentation, concierge programs, internal organization/department management, metrics and industry standards, etc.

Angie Moore
VP, Strategy and Development, Eleventy Marketing Group
Evan Johnson
Director, Direct Response Fundraising, Mercy Corps
Katherine Bowen
Associate Director of Retention & Annual Giving, The Nature Conservancy
Vicky Barret-Putnam
Sr. Director Donor Development & Acquisition Strategies, Sierrra Club
Karen Barr
Director, Direct Response Fundraising, Save The Children
Emily Anderson
Director, Annual Giving, Catholic Relief Services
Jann Schultz
Senior Director, Integrated Fundraising and Communications, Project Hope